A City Temple Arising

A City Temple arising

We are mid renovation of a beautiful meditation centre for the people of Aberdeen and the North of Scotland.   The property in the heart of the city at 77-79 King St, Aberdeen was acquired in March 2019 as the future home of Kadampa Meditation Centre Aberdeen, and the initial renovation stages are completed.

The purpose is to create a space within which to offer practical modern Buddhist methods to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental health and well being, and where busy city people can access inner peace through training in meditation under qualified guidance.

The Centre will provide a year round programme of classes, courses and retreats, in accordance with the aims of the charity, from lunchtime half hour meditations for city workers, to in-depth retreats run over weekends, drawing people from across the North of Scotland.

The Centre in Aberdeen will also serve as an outreach hub for the North East of Scotland, with classes being run from the Centre in towns across the region.

We are looking forward to completing the renovations and opening the Centre after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Until then we are offering online meditation classes and courses to support people through this difficult time.

Please consider making a donation to the Centre to see us through this uncertain time and to help fund the final stage of the renovations.  Your donation will benefit many people, helping to create this beautiful, holy place and giving people methods to solve their problems and find a meaningful life.

Your charitable donation will help Dharma to flourish in the North of Scotland and is greatly appreciated.

Make a Donation

To help us achieve these goals by making a financial gift, please click the donate button below to donate through paypal or to donate via bank transfer contact our Administration Director, Fiona Cowan, on 07483 914 371 or admin@meditateinaberdeen.org.

If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme at no extra cost to you.  Please contact Fiona for further details.

Thank you for your generous support of Kadampa Meditation Centre Aberdeen.

Renovations so far:

  • Internal demolition, roof repairs and sash window renovation
  • New secondary glazing for the meditation room
  • Installation of heat recovery ventilation system
  • Top floor flat construction
  • New bathrooms (including disability accessible toilet)
  • Energy efficient boiler installation
  • Electrical upgrade
  • External facade pointing

In Progress… 

  • Beautiful handcrafted shrine cabinet and throne
  • New light fittings throughout including energy saving sensor lights for hallways, LED strips for shrine cabinet and LED spots for meditation room and ground floor
  • Audio visual systems including hearing loops on ground and first floors
  • Architectural glass inner entrance
  • Creation of ground floor reception and coffee bar area
  • External signage and front door refurbishment
  • Flooring throughout and internal decoration