Freedom from Anxiety & Depression

As part of our commitment to mental health and our well-being week we are delighted to be offering this free talk.  Free your mind with meditation and discover a simple but profound alternative to the experiences of anxiety, stress and depression that are so common in our modern lifestyle.

In our fast paced world, with all of its challenges, many people struggle with difficult states of mind.  These can come at any time of life and weigh us down – taking away our joy in life and leading to physical, emotional and social issues.

Fortunately there are practical meditation techniques to recognise, reduce and let go of anxiety in all its various forms and to find the peace, joy and inner ease that we long for.  

This talk will help us to better understand our anxiety and our depression, and how through training in meditation we can discover new ways of thinking, feeling and responding to prevent negative minds from taking hold.

During the evening there will be two different guided meditations that directly tackle anxiety & depression. 

For those wishing to continue the training the free event will be followed by a six week meditation training programme at the same time each week.  

This free course is part of our mental health & well-being series, supported by the National fund.  

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher, she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings.

She has over 20 years of experience of engaging in, teaching and guiding meditation courses & retreats and has taught in both the Nordic region and the UK since 2003.