In Person Meditation Classes in Aberdeen

Visit our beautiful meditation centre on King St in Aberdeen, where we are running regular in person classes.

Now more than ever we can benefit from spiritual practice and being part of a community of like minded people!

Meditation has many benefits such as:

– Deep relaxation & improved health.
– Increased mindfulness & concentration.
– Developing a more positive approach to life.

These classes run in short series but each class is self-contained so you can also just drop-in to any class.

"Good morning and thank you once again for some wonderful, life enhancing tutoring Gen Kelsang Gen Kelsang Tubchen. After yesterday’s class I made a sincere effort to unblock my heart and to try to start developing genuine equanimity. So far I found this uplifting and genuinely liberating. I am thinking less about why people act as they do and letting so much go from my mind. A little effort does help and I hope I can continue to develop with today’s class. 🤗"

Simply Meditate 4th May 2020

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