Tuesday Evening Meditation Class

TIME:   19.00 – 20:30

VENUE:  Aberdeen Arts Centre, 33 King St,  AB24 5AA

With principle teacher and Buddhist nun, Kelsang Osung

Meditation has many benefits such as:
– Deep relaxation & improved health.
– Increased mindfulness & concentration.
– Developing a more positive approach to life.
These classes run as a series but each class is self-contained so you can also just drop-in.



Everybody needs to know how to become happy through love.

Loving-kindness is arguably the most important example we can show in our troubled world (and it’s not as hard as we may think!)

As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says;

‘If everybody sincerely practices affectionate love, all problems between each other will be solved and never arise again. This is guaranteed; I will give my signature.’

Learn how do develop and experience these profoundly compassionate minds on this 4 week meditation course

Week 1: Developing affectionate love for all living beings

Buddha taught how to develop and maintain a warm heart and a feeling of being close to all living beings without exception. This affectionate love makes our mind pure and balanced, and prepares the foundation for generating cherishing love for all living beings.

Reference in Modern Buddhism: Training in Affectionate Love

Week 2: Training in cherishing love

When we train in equalising self and others we are learning to believe that the happiness and freedom of ourself and all other living beings are equally important. Learning to cherish others is the best solution to our daily problems, and is the source of all our future happiness and good fortune.
Reference in Modern Buddhism: Training in Cherishing Love

Week 3: Wishing the very best for everyone

By training in wishing love we will genuinely wish for all living beings to attain the pure and everlasting happiness of enlightenment and make a strong determination to work for this aim.

Reference in Modern Buddhism: Training in Wishing Love

Week 4: Being truly compassionate

Universal compassion is a mind that sincerely wishes to liberate all living beings from suffering permanently. We can develop this mind spontaneously by training in special meditations taught by Buddha.

Reference in Modern Buddhism: Training in Universal Compassion

Date: (Tuesdays)
NOVEMBER  5 | 12 | 19 | 26

19:00 – 20:30

£20 for 4 week course | £7 drop-in | free for members

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Everybody welcome