TIME:  Wednesdays  19.00 – 20:30

VENUE:  The Hub, 102 Grampian Road, PH22 1RH

With meditation teacher Tom Banks

Meditation has many benefits such as:

  •  Deep relaxation & improved health.
  •  Increased mindfulness & concentration.
  •  Developing a more positive approach to life.

These classes run as a series but each class is self-contained so you can also just drop-in.




The new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on the direction our life is taking and to be more clear about how we wish to change and improve ourself. In this 5 week meditation course learn how you can rely on meditation and Buddhist wisdom to give yourself a renewed sense of purpose and meaning; an ideal start to the year.

“By meditating on the great value and rarity of our precious human life we will develop a spontaneous and continuous desire to take full advantage of it” Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Week 1: Seeing Our life as precious 

Learn about the preciousness, value and rarity of the opportunity we are presented with and how to use this awareness to motivate us to make the most of each moment of our life. 

Week 2: Being Mindful of Impermanence 

By learning to live with a recognition of impermanence we can overcome distraction and prevent our self from wasting our precious human life. 

Week 3: Creating Positive Karma 

Every moment we are creating causes and these will eventually give rise to various effects. By learning to create positive karma moment by moment we can ensure a happy future and make the most of now. 

Week 4: Living with a loving heart 

Learn to develop and maintain a warm heart and a feeling of being close to others which will help us to make our interactions more meaningful and satisfying. 

Week 5: Dissolving difficulties with wisdom 

Explore how by being mindful of Buddha’s wisdom teachings on the true nature of reality we can dissolve away all problems and difficulties.

Date: (Wednesdays)
JANUARY  15 | 22 | 29 | FEBRUARY 5 | 12

19:00 – 20:30

£25 for 5 week course | £7 drop-in | free for members

Book online below or just turn up on the night

Everybody welcome