“When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within.” 

Thursday Meditation Class – in person or watch on catch up

November:  Developing a Good Heart

In these strange times and troubled world its sometimes hard to keep a warm, open, generous hearted attitude even to our closest ones.  For those who have hurt us or who we have never met, or do not know well, we have no interest in changing our mind. Why should we?

There are some pretty powerful reasons based on Buddhist logic why developing a good heart is the best way to be kind to ourselves and to everyone else. This 4 week course will explore these teachings practically through meditation, teachings and discussion.

‘The mind that cherishes others is the supreme good heart. Keeping such a good heart will result only in happiness for ourself and all those around us. This good heart is the very essence of the Mahayana path and the main cause of great compassion, the wish to protect all living beings from fear and suffering.”

November 4 – Developing affectionate love

November 11 – Developing cherishing love

November 18 – Developing wishing love

November 25 – Developing our compassion

More info:

  • The class runs from 7pm – 8:15pm
  • There are 2 guided meditations and a practical teaching in each class.
  • Optional discussion at the end of the in-person class.
  • In person from April 26
  • Livestream or available for 5 days to watch online.
  • £7 (free for members)
  • Book all four classes in a month for £20
  • All income goes to running the centre which is a registered charity.
  • Cancellations up to 24hours prior to the course will receive a full refund minus a 10% admin fee.

It is possible to drop in to any class if you cannot attend the whole course. It is also still possible to book all four classes to watch on catch-up.

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher, she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings and her deep experience of retreat. 

"I enjoyed Gen Tubchen’s teachings on Decluttering the Mind. It was especially powerful for me being able to attend in person with others in the meditation room for the first time after a whole year of practising online at home."