"Thank you for another great meditation xx"

Simply Meditate

We began online during covid while our centre was closed to continue offering classes for the people of Aberdeen and Northern Scotland.

We are now offering most of our classes in-person while continuing to offer our classes online as well.  We also offer our Foundation Program as an interactive weekly zoom class.

In the midst of the current situation and all the uncertainty this is bringing, these classes can help us to stay strong, positive and inspired.  In fact many people have found they have completely transformed their experience of the various lockdowns and restrictions.

Please use the links below or the drop down menu to browse the different options for online classes.

Please note: our online meditation classes are intended for anyone living in the North of Scotland OR those from other areas who would have been able to attend a class, course or retreat in person under normal circumstances.

Our sister centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dumfries also offer online courses for other parts of Scotland.  If you live outside of Scotland you can find your local centre offering online classes here.