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During the COVID-19 pandemic period and in the year following, KMC Aberdeen had been permitted to stream teaching programmes online in order that people could continue to benefit from Dharma teachings.

As the world returns to a greater sense of normality and on the advice received from  Venerable Geshe-la about the importance of our Dharma Centres, the temporary guidelines issued by the Kadampa Education Council have been revised and as a result the majority of online classes are being discontinued at centres around the world.

Geshe-La’s advice is as follows:

“Living beings receive ultimate benefit from both Buddhadharma and Dharma Centres. The development of Dharma knowledge, Dharma experience and Dharma realisations all come from Dharma Centres. Therefore, they are the source of all happiness and are extremely precious, like priceless jewels that bestow ultimate benefit”. 

The exceptions to these new guidelines are that we can continue to offer the live-streaming or recording of Foundation Programme (FP) to those students who live within the catchment area of the Centre and have a valid reason for being unable to attend the Centre in person, such as  personal disability or long-distance travel. In addition, for those unable to access in person classes at all, there will be a provision to apply to Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre to attend classes online.  This is the only centre in the UK that will continue to offer online classes in this way.

If you live outside of Scotland you can find your local centre offering online classes here.