This course is perfect preparation for our weekend Tranquil Abiding retreat from 13 – 14 June.

June 7 – Concentration Course

There are so many inner and outer distractions in modern life – even in the midst of lockdown!  What would it be like to be able to focus our mind on whatever we wish, for as long as we want?

Learn how to access profound inner stillness and peace through systematic training in concentration.  Deepen your understanding of how your mind works and create a strong foundation for a daily meditation practice that works for you.   The result?  Increased tranquillity and focus in your daily life and accelerated spiritual progress.

This course is offered in conjunction with a two day Tranquil Abiding retreat the following weekend.  You will learn a simple technique during the day course that you can practice each day until the retreat.  Then during the retreat you can dramatically deepen your concentration and even taste the bliss of mental suppleness.

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The course will comprise 3 x 1 hour sessions.  Each session will include teaching and guided meditation. You will receive a link by 10am on the day and have 48 hours within which to listen to the course.

Session 1: Concentration – The essence of meditation

Session 2: Mindfulness – Tying our mind to the object

Session 3: Tranquil Abiding – Making progress in our practice

Everyone is welcome.

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher, she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings.   She has many years of experience of engaging in, teaching and guiding concentration retreats.