Guru Yoga – The Heart of a Spiritual Life – November 13

This day retreat is a rare opportunity to receive practical instruction and guided meditations on the very blessed and inspiring practice of Guru Yoga, or relying upon a Spiritual Guide.

At the very heart of a spiritual life is the deep inner connection between student and teacher.  In this course we will explore what it means to rely on a qualified spiritual guide & in particularly how do we rely internally in order to receive powerful inner blessings & inspiration.

Blessings are like sunlight and water that nourish the seed of our spiritual potential and cause it to grow.   Through learning the meditation practice of Guru Yoga we will have a powerful inner method to transform our mind from negative to positive, from weakness to strength, to give us clarity, direction and to enable us to make swift spiritual progress.

Everybody welcome!

Everyone is welcome. No previous meditation experience is required.

“We should regard our Spiritual Guide as our mother who cares for us and cherishes us, as our father who provides us with all we need and protects us from danger, as the moon that cools the heat of the delusions in our mental continuum, as the sun that dispels the darkness of ignorance in our mind, and as a kind benefactor who gives us the priceless gift of Dharma.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, ‘Great Treasury of Merit’

  • 10 – 11:20am
  • 12am – 1pm
  • 2:00 – 3:15pm
  • Teaching and meditation
  • Teaching and meditation
  • Teaching and meditation

More info:

  • The course is available to join via livestream or on catch up for up to 7 days. So you can follow the suggested schedule or make your own!
  • Each session includes guided meditation and teachings
  • £20 | free for members
  • All income goes to running the centre which is a registered charity.
  • Cancellations up to 24hours prior to the course will receive a full refund minus a 10% admin fee.

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher, she is loved for her warm heart, her caring attitude and her clear, powerful and practical teachings. She has been practicing for over 20 years including long periods in retreat.

"I enjoyed Gen Tubchen’s teachings on Decluttering the Mind. It was especially powerful for me being able to attend in person with others in the meditation room for the first time after a whole year of practising online at home."