"I enjoyed Gen Tubchen’s teachings on Decluttering the Mind. It was especially powerful for me being able to attend in person with others in the meditation room for the first time after a whole year of practising online at home."


June 26-27 Healing from the Heart Weekend Retreat

Daily life can be stressful. Take time to rest, reflect and find balance through engaging in a short retreat in the comfort of your own home.

During this weekend online retreat, Gen Kelsang Tubchen will guide the powerful meditations on giving love and taking away suffering which enable us to remove negativity from the world and give back love and kindness. In the process we destroy the root of our own suffering and problems, purify our sickness and increase our strength of mind.

Through meditating on love and compassion we open our heart to others and quickly purify our selfish minds. The meditations will be guided step by step enabling you to get a feeling for their power.

By the end of the retreat you will have deepened your familiarity with the practice of taking and giving and have an understanding of how to use these meditations in your daily life to benefit both yourself and others.

This practice is especially helpful in situations where we may otherwise feel powerless to directly help ourself, our loved ones or our society.

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Each meditation session will include essential teaching and a long guided meditation.

You can join the retreat in person at the Centre or or you can join online live or on catchup.  The links will remain live for one week.


10 – 11am – Introduction to the Retreat
12 – 1pm – Session 1

4- 5pm   – Session 2
7 – 8pm – Session 3


10 – 11am – Session 4
12 – 1pm  – Session 5
4- 5:30pm – Session 6 and Q&A

Please note this course is free for ongoing members and other prices are below.

Everyone is welcome.

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher, she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings.   She has 20 years of experience of engaging in, teaching and guiding retreats.