Breaking The Cycle Of Suffering

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel,

Aberdeen City Centre, Beach Blvd, AB24 5EF

Saturday 12th October 2019 10:00am – 1:00pm

With Resident Teacher Kelsang Osung

A Half Day Retreat

To help explain how to break out of the cycle of suffering, known as Samsara, Buddha drew a special, timeless diagram called ‘The Wheel of Life’.

In this course, Kelsang Osung the principle teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Aberdeen, will explain the essential steps we all need to take in order to gain liberation and enlightenment – the only way to cease suffering permanently – as revealed in this extraordinary diagram.

This course will give you practical understanding of ‘The Wheel of Life’ and show how we can use this diagram to inspire our meditations and guide us along the spiritual path.

The Wheel of Life is a diagram drawn by Buddha that reveals the whole path to enlightenment. The profound teachings on The Four Noble Truths, explain to us what we should know, abandon, practise and attain; it also illustrates the 12 dependent related links, a chain-like series of cause and effect that shows the way in which we are trapped in suffering.

In the first session we will contemplate and meditate on how the diagram indicates the suffering situation we are trapped in and in the second session we will contemplate and meditation how to become free.

How wonderful it will be when everyone becomes free from suffering!

Date: (Saturday)
October | 12
10:00am – 1:00pm.

£15 | £12 pre-book | Members free