The day course on June 7 is perfect preparation for this retreat.

June 13-14 Tranquil Abiding Retreat

Daily life can be stressful. Take time to rest, reflect and find balance  through simple but profound meditations for inner stillness and peace.

In this two-day retreat you will receive guidance on how to engage in retreat from your own home.  This is really the very best thing we can do with the lockdown experience!

We will be taking the nature of the mind as our meditation object.  Not only does this help us to deepen our concentration but we also discover a limitless peaceful mind,  capable of universal love, profound wisdom, and unceasing joy.

The tranquillity of the pure nature of our mind allows us easily to let go of limiting minds and distractions and instead make real spiritual progress in a relatively short period of time.  Return to daily life refreshed and energised – with a powerful, peaceful mind.

It is highly recommended that you listen to the day course on concentration prior to the retreat.  You will learn many techniques during the day course that will be practiced during the retreat.

More Info

The course will comprise 8 x 1 hour blocks.  Each meditation session will include essential teaching and guiding at the beginning and end of the session with silence in between to train in the technique.

You will recieve a link by 10am on each day and have 48 hours within which to engage in the sessions.

Suggested timetable (you can change to suit your needs)


10 – 11am – Introduction to the Retreat
12 – 1pm – Session 1
4- 5pm – Session 2
7 – 8pm – Session 3


10 – 11am – Session 4
12 – 1pm – Session 5
4- 5pm – Session 6
7 – 8pm – Final session with teaching

Everyone is welcome.

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher, she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings.   She has many years of experience of engaging in, teaching and guiding concentration retreats.