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  • Join any class in Aberdeen live online via zoom
  • See the calendar for times of classes
  • Includes chanted prayers
  • Includes all the benefits of membership including in person attendance
  • Costs £37 per month

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher who ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2003, she is loved for her warm heart, her caring attitude and her clear, powerful and practical teachings.

"I enjoyed the 3 meditation sessions & how they were guided.  Even as a beginner, I learned to how to focus on my breathing, especially when my mind decided to wander off.  This improved my confidence in my ability to meditate.  I also really enjoyed the teachings and how well they were explained and the examples given."

Meditation half day in Inverness 27th January 2024

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