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"Thankyou for another week of beautiful meditations and teachings."

subscriber 28th May 2020

"Thanks for another wonderful meditation today Gen Kelsang Tubchen. I’m really enjoying the sessions and it’s helping me to build a good solid practice and I feel I am really starting to benefit from it in daily life ☺️"

daily meditation classes 28th May 2020

"Thank you Gen Tubchen for the most beautiful meditation today. I really felt the love. I feel so strongly more than ever, to abandon this self cherishing and self grasping. I actually feel as if I'm starting to waken up bit by bit. Wonderful feeling. 💕❤️🙏 xx"

14th May 2020

"What a great opportunity this is to learn more - in a way which I would not have been able to do if I was not in lock down. The daily teachings are definitely helping me."

Subscriber 12th May 2020

"Just what I needed to start the week. Thank you."

simply meditate 12th May 2020

"Wow. Loved today's teaching. Not the easiest topic but put in such a simple and logical way that even the most cynical person would have to give more thought. Thankyou Gen Tubchen, I could listen to these teachings all day long. 💜💙🙏"

Subscriber - weekend class 11th May 2020

"I have off and on tried to study but its only now the pieces are starting to fall in place. The examples in the teachings make the concepts so relatable, I wish I had studied earlier ❤️"

Subscriber 11th May 2020

I have had the most wonderful experience of understanding as a result of yesterday's teachings. Thank you so much Gen Tubchen.  It's is as if I was wondering in ignorance and all of a sudden the light has been switched on.🙏💕💕💕🙏

Weekend course 11th May 2020

"I just finished yesterday's session on understanding the mind and past and future lives and I am so grateful for this opportunity to reflect on such important concepts as death, karma, mind and more. I especially enjoyed the topic of dreaming.  Thanks a lot again for a week full of wisdom, discipline and concentration. 💚"

How to Solve our Human Problems 11th May 2020

"Thank you Gen Kelsang Tubchen - these classes are truly making my life better 💜🙏🏻"

How to Solve our Human Problems 11th May 2020

"Just finished watching todays teachings on 'How to Solve our Human problems'  Wow!! this was wonderful, totally loved every minute of it."

How to Solve our Human Problems 9th May 2020

"I think that what is attractive about what your centre is offering are these 30-min (almost) daily meditations. Personally, I was looking for something to help me build a routine of daily practice. To be able to have you teaching that course is simply the most wonderful blessing that I could have had during this pandemic"

Simply Meditation 8th May 2020

"Very grateful for the work you are doing! It's certainly made a huge positive difference to my lockdown experience 🥰"

4 week subscriber 7th May 2020

Thankyou so much for another week of Beautiful teachings


Week subscriber 7th May 2020

"Looking forward to a more peaceful day today and to our next meditation class. Since last Monday I seem to have this everlasting experience that my head, or mind, or consciousness is just an empty blue globe with experiences passing in and out like clouds in the sky."

Meditations for a Clear Mind - 4 week subscriber 7th May 2020

"Very much enjoyed the first class of 'How to solve our human problems'. Found it nice and gentle and reassuring that it was going to be ‘unpacked’. Like the structure with the break in the middle also."

Saturday Classes 7th May 2020

"Thank you Gen Kelsang Tubchen for a calm, interesting and insightful class."

Saturday Course 7th May 2020

"I realise how much less reactive I am to the challenges of life."

Subscriber 7th May 2020

“I am really enjoying the meditations and teachings, so helpful, thanks.”

Class participant 7th May 2020

“Thanks, was wonderful, really enjoying learning about it all and meditation.”

Inner Protection - Saturday Class 7th May 2020

"Thank you for another wonderful and powerful class today 💚"

Class participant 6th May 2020

"Good morning and thank you once again for some wonderful, life enhancing tutoring Gen Kelsang Gen Kelsang Tubchen. After yesterday’s class I made a sincere effort to unblock my heart and to try to start developing genuine equanimity. So far I found this uplifting and genuinely liberating. I am thinking less about why people act as they do and letting so much go from my mind. A little effort does help and I hope I can continue to develop with today’s class. 🤗"

Simply Meditate 4th May 2020

"Enjoyed today's class (again). I do really enjoy the breathing meditations, perhaps the simplest technique but definitely one of the best in my opinion. The mind does slowly settle into peace, and I really like how Gen Tubchen pointed out you can rest the mind IN that feeling when you arrive at it. I had never considered doing that before and always just maintained my focus on the breathing."

Saturday Classes - Member 4th May 2020

Great teaching today Gen Kelsang Tubchen, found the breathing meditation more grounding & beautiful than I think I ever have done. Thank you 🙏🏻

Saturday Course 3rd May 2020

"Just finished watching yesterday’s teaching 'How to Solve Our Human Problems'. Simply wonderful and now I'm off to try it!!  Thank you Gen Tubchen🙏"

Saturday Class 2nd May 2020

“Thankyou Gen Tubchen for another lovely couple of meditations and teaching explained in such a straight forward way. We are so lucky to be learning methods to protect and gain some control over our minds through Buddha's teachings.”

How to Solve our human Problems Course participant 2nd May 2020

“I must admit I'm enjoying the luxury of experiencing the classes and then maybe watching again and taking notes.

This lets me digest it in my own time which is great.”

How to Solve our Human Problems - Saturday Class 1st May 2020

"Thank you for such a beautiful week of wisdom, love, inner peace and compassion through your wonderful teachings. And thank you for this precious opportunity to practice dharma in such an unconventional and magical way Looking forward to next week! "

4 week subscriber 30th April 2020

“I enjoy the classes in the evening, after home office, home school and after my son goes to bed. Loved today's teachings, especially the example of refuge as an inner medicine chest of protection within our minds. Thank you so much for another wonderful teaching.”

4 week subscriber - during lockdown 29th April 2020

 “Just to say how much I have enjoyed the meditation and teaching.  Absolutely beautiful and so helpful, thank you.”

Subscriber 29th April 2020

“I had a slight distraction with neighbours arguing and a dog going crazy outside but managed to let it dissolve away very quickly and not be tempted to follow.”

Course Participant 25th April 2020

"Thank you Gen Tubchen for yesterdays wonderful class on 'staying connected with others' which I listened to today. Sometimes I feel as if you actually know what is going on in my life/mind as you say so much that I can relate to personally! Love is such a beautiful word and feeling and really is so powerful. If only everyone would love everyone then we would undoubtedly live in a better world. Looking forward to next weeks classes as always."

Saturday Inner Protection Class 23rd April 2020

"This week seems to flying past. Enjoying the deep teachings this week and feeling very connected to the meditations. Don't want to come out at the end...just want to sit there."

Member 23rd April 2020

"Thank you also Gen Tubchen for another great class today, very deep and a lot for me to absorb!!"

class participant 22nd April 2020

“Today’s teaching was exactly what I needed!! Has already made me feel better equipped to deal with my usual meaningless difficulties from yesterday and today. These classes are truly inspirational and I cannot wait for more tomorrow.”

4 week subscriber 19th April 2020

“Meditation and focusing particularly on the breath I found tricky to begin with and it made me even more anxious. But it gets soothing and easier as time goes on.”

4 week Subscriber 17th April 2020

“Enjoyed yesterday’s meditation and teaching. Only my second attempt at meditation having just signed up to this week’s classes. I found myself to be far more relaxed on this occasion and certainly more enlightened by the end.”

Week Subscription 12th April 2020

“Thank you so much.  The meditations are wonderful and helping me to find the dedication to continue my practice.”

Simply Meditate 12th April 2020

“I like to take time to meditate, contemplate and listen to the classes in my little spot in the garden. Really enjoying the classes again this week.”

Member 8th April 2020

"Just to say how much I have enjoyed the meditation and teaching.

Absolutely beautiful and so helpful, thankyou."

Inner Protection Course 7th April 2020

“Hello, I’ve just listened to today’s online meditation in the garden surrounded by buzzing bees and bird song.. a thoroughly uplifting experience and I just wanted to say a big thank you for making these mediations available, it really is appreciated xxx”

Member during lockdown 4th April 2020

“The classes online are excellent.”

Meditations for a clear mind 1st April 2020

“Enjoyed today's meditation very much.  Calming and uplifting.”  

Beginners Course - Meditations for Relaxation 29th March 2020

“I really enjoyed today's class and the breathing meditation.  It's really nice having an actual practising Buddhist leading the teachings for a change. I've been using Calm and Headspace for a long time and thought I would try this for 30 days too whilst we're all staying indoors.”

month subscriber during lockdown 28th March 2020

 “I'm really loving the classes, really benefitting from them, thank you.”

online meditations 26th March 2020

Loving them, looking forward to listening to them gets me through the day.

Really enjoying the Mantra one best of all. Thank you for providing this fab service.

Beginners Course - Meditations for Relaxation 25th March 2020

"Better than Headspace, Calm and simple mindfulness."

Course Participant - Online Meditation Classes 24th March 2020

“Had the first session today, was superb! Thanks so much.”

Simply Meditate Course Participant 20th March 2020

“Loved it. 🙂 So soothing.” 

Online classes 20th March 2020