Meditation Centre

Welcome to the Aberdeen branch of Kadampa Buddhism. We are part of a global organisation teaching highly practical meditation techniques suitable for everyone!

A place of peace

Our meditation centre is not only a peaceful place it is a place to learn how to be peaceful!   Guided meditation, inspiring talks and a warm and accepting environment where everyone is welcome.

30 minute exercises.

Life-long changes

Meditating for 30 minutes a day can make huge, life-long improvements. All our our classes can help you to reduce stress and increase authentic happiness and well-being. Enjoy better physical and mental health, improve your relationships and find more meaning in life.

Find focus & meaning

Meditation helps you to concentrate on the right things in the right way.  Identify and accomplish your goals and create a deep sense of meaning and purpose in daily life. We offer classes for all skill levels and backgrounds.

How to get started

Three simple steps for transformation

Look Online

Find a class that aligns with your goals and sign up today.

Join a class

Attend the classes you’ve selected either online or in person and practice the principles in your daily life.

Restore peace

Meditate regularly to reduce stress, anxiety and restore your inner peace.

“The mediation calsses are such a resource of love, widom and inspiration. No matter how weary and burdened you feel entering, you come out lighter, wiser and more hopeful”

“Thank you for the class tonight, a pleasure and inspiration as always”

Upcoming events

Meditation classes, workshops and retreats

Online Classes

Choose from our range of online meditation classes.  For beginners we recommend our introductory courses.

Meditation Books

Browse our bookstore before or after classes for meditation books, guided meditations and more.

Retreats & Events

We offer regular retreats and Saturday courses to step away from the busyness of daily life and return refreshed and recharged.

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