Ocean of Peace Retreat 21 April – Free!

Bigton Hall 11am – 2pm

A Free-to-attend meditation half-day retreat – Find your inner peace & Stillness!

In busy daily life it is rare to experience even a few moments of mental peace and tranquillity. But simply through stepping out of our normal busyness and focusing on meditation for just a few hours we can achieve extraordinary blissful states of mind that show us the great potential within our mind for happiness and peace.

With distractions we cannot accomplish anything, whereas with concentration we gain the ability to accomplish our goals with relative ease and joy.  In this half day you will learn timeless practical and powerful methods for deepening your concentration in meditation and can discover how inner stillness is not so far away.

Through deepening our concentration in meditation we increase the power of our mind, our energy, our ability to fulfil our wishes and our inner peace. We will be able to significantly improve our meditation experience and overall inner peace, happiness and well being.

Guided by Gen Kelsang Tubchen, a modern Buddhist nun with over 20 years of experience of engaging in and guiding retreats. She will lead the meditations gently guiding us to deeper and deeper states of peace & tranquility. 

Open to everyone!


11am -12  – Stepping away from busyness into peace

12 – 1pm – Lunch break & Discussion please bring lunch or snacks to share 

1 – 2pm – Abiding in the peace of concentration


Sunday 21 April 11am – 2pm

Bigton Hall, Bigton, Shetland ZE2 9JF

Tel: 07483 914 371

More info:

  • Includes guided meditation and teachings
  • Free to attend, supported by Scottish Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund
  • Meditation in chairs (or bring your own mat and cushion)
  • Refreshments served
  • Bring & Share lunch

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Aberdeen. An inspiring and gifted teacher who ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2003, she is loved for her warm heart, her caring attitude and her clear, powerful and practical teachings.

"I wanted to thank you so much for the teachings today and the past week. I am finding the meditations very helpful and feel there may be a flicker of light in what has been a very difficult time."

Transforming Pain Course 15th March 2021

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