A City Temple In Aberdeen

The purpose of Kadampa Meditation Centre in Aberdeen

77-79 King St

We offer practical modern Buddhist methods to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental health and well being – where busy city people can access inner peace through training in meditation.

The Centre provides a year round programme of classes, courses and retreats, in accordance with the aims of the charity, which include lunchtime half hour meditations, weekly meditation classes, study programs and in-depth retreats, drawing people from across the North of Scotland and beyond.

It is possible to attend classes and courses in person at our beautiful newly renovated centre or you can join in with our extensive program of online classes and courses each week.

The centre cafe is open for approx 30 mins before and after classes as well as the breaks during longer courses.

The Centre in Aberdeen normally also serves as an outreach hub for the North East of Scotland, with classes being run from the Centre in towns across the region, for the time-being all this activity is online, but normally we have regular classes in Inverurie, Elgin, Aviemore, Stonehaven and Inverness.

77-79 King St as KMC Aberdeen

Our meditation centre is a newly renovated traditional granite building with considerable character, in the heart of the city.

This ordinary commercial space has been transformed into a sacred space for meditation and modern Kadampa Buddhism, giving the people living and working in and around Aberdeen a direct  and easily accessed connection with meditation in the heart of the city.

We remodelling the building to create a beautiful meditation room, with modern Buddha statues to delight and inspire, (produced at the art studio at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in Cumbria); and a fully accessible ground floor shop, reception, social area, cafe area and video link.

The centre is run by a joyful team of full time and part time volunteers.

All contributions of time, energy, money, prayers and good wishes have been and continue to be deeply appreciated.

In general on Saturdays we have community work days that anyone can join in with to clean and care for the centre, and it is also possible to come in most afternoons to volunteer.

If you wish to make a donation please use the link below: